Monday, July 16, 2007



I already quit the job at Kiwi fruit pack house, after skiing on this weekend, I will travel to South Island. The first city i will visit to is Christchurch, if I can get a job over there, I will stay in Christchurch, but if nobody want to hire me, then I will move to Queenstown. South Island is very cold, the higher is about 3 degree celcius, even though it's cold, still I want to "live" in the snow. I still remember the last working day at pack house, I said goodbye to everybody, hug everybody and all cried together, it was so touching, really felt heavy to leave. I just joinned a Catholic Exodus Youth Camp in Auckland, frankly speaking, I didnt feel any special thing about that, but I brought a non-catholic friend who is from Taipei to joinned, she told me that she really felt warm in christ, I am happy to heard this. I miss you all!

Prince Exuperantius Fry

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