Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cry On Me

Last time, I remember when I watched the Wong Kar Wai's film , I must fell into the Doctor Wong's wine - "drunk", which can make people lost their memories. Maybe I was playful, I thought that loosing memories should be fun; Or I really wanted to forget some sad things.
Drinking, some addicted, some not. I learned to drink, cause my customers always buy me drinks, cause my overseas business partners always buy me drinks, cause my friends also invite me for drinks.
There is always somebody get drunk, is the light too dark? But still colorful, still blinking with sadness.
There is always somebody vomit, will the lemon stop people from vomiting? But still sour, still encouraging like satiring.
Luckily I didn't get the "drunk" wine from Doctor Wong, drunk, makes the whole world spinning, I hate it when I'm fully out of control; That's the importance of memories, to make people understand that the next day is a brand new day.
I've seen you vomiting, I've seen you're feeling sad for the relationship between your mother and you, I've seen your tears, so please allow me to give you a hug.
If giving you a hug may getting over the bad emotion, just cry on me, and let the wind dry your tears on my face.

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