Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let Us Fall In Love

Single, not attached, my life is still going on, like the other days, just normal. There is no any difference, only the phone doesn't ring as last time, only the text is getting less.
But this time, Cupid let us know each other, which really make me fall in love again. I had an bad experienced, someone told me that "you're too late..." So I would not let myself fail again this time, I am not late.
Even though you haven't give me your answer, but still I thank you for accompanying me recently. I feel glad, where people can see through my happiness from my face, and the greetings from our friends...
Look at the above picture, the little girl is letting go the red-heart-shape balloon, I think: to let our love one to get this balloon, the only way is to let go.
I already let go my balloon, it's now floating around you, will you keep it?
I love you.

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